Friday, February 27, 2009

Reclaiming Language.

hi diy world.

i was so excited to list my "kits" yesterday. then, someone on ArtFire flagged the item as "offensive." while to ArtFire folks were pretty cool about it, i think that this brings up a larger issue.

when i surf these sites : etsy, 1000 markets, etsy, etc. i constantly find items that i find incredible offensive. these include "just like mommy" onesies that depict a woman rolling dough and wearing an apron. or the lovely "just like daddy" tie bibs that seem to be all the rage. essentialist gender rolls with infants pisses me off. people who make baby feet earrings with the title "pro-life" and a bible verse in the description piss me off. i wonder what would happen if i flagged these items as "offensive." i will do it and let you know.

my bet is that those folks are just "expressing their beliefs" which, because they are considered legitimate by mainstream U.S. culture, they will not be removed.

to be continued....

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