Tuesday, May 19, 2009

reality, lately.

porch songs + sage. inspired by my favorite co-worker to make anti-voodoo dolls/protection dolls. she needed one and it has been a blast stitching these little babes. filled w/ organic rice + herbs (this one with the sage pictured above)

I am finding it difficult to name the dolls. Feeling that potential owners should, well, make them their own by naming them.

Our porch. As you can see, our landlords drive bus! This is a glimpse down Winchester Road (aka, home of the tree house.)

The flea market find this weekend! There are 4 of them. They will become feminist portrait windows, inspired by a recent Craft Magazine article. Be on the lookout for one listed in the shop.

I possibly have an art show/fair coming up in september. Busy building inventory until then!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

hi world.

the blogosphere never ceases to amaze me. i wish i had more time for more frequent updates/reading.

new things to share are:

--just posted 9 new items on etsy with more to come!
-- i have just discovered the world of carving out rubber stamps with my newish linocut "kit." i am addicted. more new stuff on etsy to come out soon on that front!
--i left planned parenthood and now work @ the YWCA of Western MA as the director of youth + young parent support. it has brought a new community, a new sense of learning + leadership and a fresh perspective! i am learning a lot about the young parent population as well as about parenting skills- it is wonderful!
--we have been hiking a lot lately! first hike of the season: mt. monadnock! pictures below :)